Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa

Ordem dos Médicos

The Off Sick Project: Narratives of Illness Past and Present (Clamorgan Research Centre for Literature, Arts and Science)

The Madness and Literature Network (University of Nottingham)

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling (University of South Wales)

Centre for Medical Humanities (Durham University, Inglaterra)

Center for Storytelling, Activism and Health (University of Southern California)

NMI – Narrative Medicine Initiative (Western University, Canada)

Program in Medical Humanities and Arts (University of California, School of Medicine)

Program in Medical Humanities (College of Medicine, The University of Arizona)

Medical Humanities Community

Program in Arts, Humanities & Medicine (Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford School of Medicine)

Medical Humanities & the Arts Council (Yale School of Medicine)

Arts and Humanities Division (Harvard University)

Program in Clinical Arts and Humanities (Brown University, Alpert Medical School)

Medical Humanities (College of Arts and Sciences, Boston College)

Health, Arts and Humanities Program (University of Toronto)

Program in Narrative and Healthcare Humanities (Mount Sinai Hospital, Ontario)

Division of Community Health and Humanities (Memorial University of Newfounland)

The Medical Humanities HEALS –  Healing & Education through the Arts & Life-Skills – Program (Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University)

Osler Society of New York, “A Crossroads of Medicine, the Arts, History, Humanism and Ethics”

Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine Program (University of Alberta)

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Medicine (AHSSM), a Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) sponsored education interest group

Literature, Arts and Medicine Database (NYU School of Medicine)

The International Health Humanities Network

Società Italiana di Medicina Narrativa

American Society for Bioethics & Humanities

Narativ, Inc. – The Listening & Storytelling Method

Narrative Psychology: Internet and Resource Guide