The Narrative & Medicine Project aims at exploring the intersections between the Humanities and Medicine, in the therapeutic relations with patients. The project is being developed by a group of researchers from ULICES – University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies, the Philosophy Centre of the same university, and the Centre for the History of Culture of the New University of Lisbon, among others. To date the group has organized an international conference in September 2010 and two Conference Cycles and Training Programmes in 2011 and 2012. Professor Rita Charon (Program in Narrative Medicine – Columbia University) is scientific advisor to the project, which also has other international partners including the Centre for the Humanities and Health, King’s College (London) and the Laboratoire d’Éthique Médicale, Université Paris Descartes. As the project’s main objective is the academic preparation and training of healthcare professionals and researchers in the Humanities, in this interdisciplinary area, it promoted the first optional post-graduate curricular unit in Narrative Medicine in the 1st semester of 2012-13, at the University of Lisbon. This involved collaboration from the Medical School of the University of Lisbon and from the Nursing School of Lisbon.

In 2012 the project team successfully applied for grant support from the FCT (PTDC/CPC-ELT/3719/2012, ), and obtained funding for the next two years; diverse activities will take place over this period.